Larry Beekman is a well-known guitarist, teacher and arranger in the Kansas City area. Larry specializes in teaching acoustic, classical and finger-style guitar. His many books of finger-style guitar arrangements (published either by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation or Larry Beekman Guitar Studio) have attracted international attention. He has been performing and teaching guitar since 1975. His influences have come from many styles of music, including classical, jazz, pop, rock & roll, and even folk music from around the world. These pages explore in more detail Larry Beekman’s Guitar Studio.


The online Store, which accepts PayPal, is now open for business. In it, you will find several guitar books. New additions are PDF versions of “Folksongs for Classical Guitar, Volumes 1& 2”, “An International Christmas”, and “Dreamscapes”.

Dreamscapes”, 10 Intermediate solos for classical guitar (Larry Beekman Guitar Studio, 2016) by Larry Beekman. These 10 solos are written to serve as a supplement to and/or continuation of my method book How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Volume 2. There is one solo corresponding to each of the ten most commonly used classical guitar keys, which are the keys covered in my method book. My main purpose has been to focus on melodic and playable music that uses modern compositional harmonies and rhythms. While the pieces aren’t necessarily “easy,” they should be accessible to the intermediate player. All 10 solos, plus one bonus piece, “The Dancer”, are now on YouTube. See Store for details.

You can hear outstanding group performances from recent student recitals on the Instruction pages.

John Lennon for Classical Guitar (Hal Leonard Publishing Co., 2013) by Larry Beekman. There are links to performances of all 15 arrangements from this book on the Performances and Publications pages.

There are also many links to several new solo guitar videos on both the Performances and Publications pages, including all 15 arrangements from “Fingerpicking Enya”, all 15 arrangements from “John Lennon for Classical Guitar”, and 20 arrangements from “Beatles for Classical Guitar”.

Another new addition (as well as a statement on the rapidly shrinking world) on the Performances page is a video of Larry on his porch in Kansas City performing Fields of Gold with The Music Family in Hong Kong!

Other Audio and Video Performances

  • Also at Performances you can hear the Evensong Flute and Guitar Duo.
  • Publications includes links to performances of many pieces from Larry Beekman’s books.
  • At Instruction there are links to YouTube performances by some of Larry’s students.
  • Finally, at Free Music+, there is free printed music, audio clips, and other useful information, including the “Beatles for Classical Guitar User Guide.”