Student Performances

The following videos are from several student recitals and events through the years. Hopefully it will be clear from them that guitar lessons are for all ages!

Here’s a performance by some of my younger students from a 2016 recital:

Here are some of my adult students performing one of my own compositions in April, 2017:

In this video, these thirteen students perform Woyaya in a recital on April 25, 2015

Also on the April 25, 2015 recital was this wonderful performance of Yucatan by these six adult students:

Here’s a performance/short one act play of Larry and two of his students performing Rockiny Myner from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 1”. We recorded this on New Year’s Eve, 2012. Thanks to the father of the two students, Mike Snell of Blue Wall Design for creating this video!

This is a link to a few of Larry’s adult students performing Tuxedo Junction in a rehearsal for a 2012 recital.

This is a link to a group performance of Washington Square by six of Larry’s students in August 2009.

Matthew McKinney, Nathan Goldman and Patrick Kelly perform Slaughter on 10th Avenue in August, 2009.

Here’s an adult group performance the Simon & Garfunkel tune “Homeward Bound”: