Free Music

The Beginner Blues.pdf

This is a fun duet for beginners. It is based on the traditional 12 bar blues progression. It is from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 1“.
To hear this tune, click here : Beginner Blues.

The Slightly Tougher Blues.pdf

This is basically a little fancier version of The Beginner Blues, this time arranged as a solo. It is also from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 1″. (several pages later, needless to say!)
To hear this tune, click here: Slightly Tougher Blues.

The Major’s Kale.pdf

This is a duet from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 2″. As you might guess, it is based on the major scale (C major, to be specific).
To hear this tune, click here: The Major’s Kale.

Blusiny Dorian.pdf

This arrangement is from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 2″. It is a slightly more complex blues solo in the Dorian mode.
To hear this tune, click here: Blusiny Dorian.

The Sloop John B.pdf

This solo is from “Folksongs for Classical Guitar” . It is a Jamaican folk song, and has been recorded by many artists, probably the most famous being the Kingston Trio and the Beach Boys. The arrangement is in the key of D, and uses dropped D tuning. It has a fairly syncopated bass line.

Al la Nanita.pdf

A la Nanita Nana is a beautiful tune that is not only a Spanish Christmas carol, it is also a lullaby (which is how I first heard it when my daughter was an infant). So, it is one of the few “all purpose” Christmas carols. This arrangement is included in “An International Christmas”. You can hear me playing A la Nanita Nana at this link: A la Nanita Nana.

The Rabbit.pdf

This is the first page of a piece from “Asanas for Classical Guitar”. It is in B minor and is mostly in 3/4 time, but there are a few 2/4 measures thrown in just to keep you on your toes!


This piece is by Jim Giddings. It is from his self published book “Sketches of Latin Amerca”. This is a collection of 18 delightful pieces. All the arrangements fairly easy, and they all have a distinctive Latin feel, as the title implies. Jim obviously understands this style very well – I was playing some of these peices in a restaraunt once, and a lady came up and thanked me for playing “South American” music. I later learned that she was from Brazil! This is great gig material.

La Casa de Miguel.pdf

This is the title piece from Jim Gidding’s book “La Casa de Miguel”.

Prelude 3.pdf

Another composition by Jim Giddings, this one from “Passages: 12 Preludes for Guitar” . GuitaristsJohn McClellan and Tim Thompson have included this piece on their recent CD, Joshua Hit the Road. Not only is this more great gig material, these pieces would be a very good suppliment to any method book.

Amazing Grace.pdf

This arrangement is also by Jim Giddings. It is from his self published book “10 Hymns for Guitar”. This tune, as well as all the arrangements in the book are in dropped D tuning. The hymns are very well arranged, and none of them are very difficult. Let me know if you would like more information on Jim’s work.