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Beatles for Classical Guitar User’s Guide

Through the years, I have received many comments, questions (and occasionally even a few compliments!) from guitarists regarding the arrangements in Beatles For Classical Guitar. I always enjoy and appreciate reading these comments, and they have prompted me to create this page. It is designed to serve as user’s guide for people who own the book. In addition to playing tips and general information on the arrangements, there are links to performances of all 30 of the tunes. I hope this is useful to you – I just wish I had read this page before I recorded the book! By the way, if you have looked at the guide previously, you may have to empty your browser’s cache to be sure you are looking at the most recent version. The most recent version is 1/26/16. That is the date you should see at the bottom of the last page.

How to Buy a Guitar

If you are thinking about getting a better guitar, there might be some useful information for you here. On the other hand, if you’ve gotten this far and don’t even have a guitar yet, I’m very impressed! You must be pretty interested, and in that case, I would say you should definitely read this! It is also from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 1“.

Moveable Chords and Bar Chords

This useful one page chart contains fingerings for over 200 chords! It is from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 2“.

Five Major Scale Patterns

These five moveable fingering patterns of the C Major scale are very useful since they cover the whole neck of the guitar. Because they are moveable, they can be played in any key. This concept can also be applied to any mode simply by starting on the appropriate note of the scale. The chart is also from “How to Play the Acoustic Guitar, Book 2“.

*to view the music on this page, you will need to download the free program Acrobat Reader, if you do not already have it.

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