Larry’s private teaching format for guitar lessons includes the following:

  • Basic guitar playing technique (sitting position, hand position, etc.). This essential element provides a firm foundation to build on.
  • An introduction to the universal language of music: standard notation.
  • Basic chords, strums, and fingerpicking patterns used in popular music. Often, students are surprised at how quickly they can learn to use the guitar as an accompaniment instrument.
  • The fundamentals of music theory are gradually introduced. This not only gives a deeper understanding of music, it also is a valuable tool in allowing the student to eventually continue the learning process on his or her own.

For more advanced students, teaching is tailored to each student’s abilities, background and goals:

  • Students interested in classical and folk music learn increasingly advanced techniques by working on carefully graded solos and arrangements for guitar.
  • Students who would like to learn how to use the guitar as an accompaniment instrument are taught increasingly more intricate and interesting accompaniment patterns.
  • Through an in-depth study of music theory, students interested in arranging and composing will learn to analyze the music they play, with the goal of incorporating what they learn into their own material.

You can see excerpts from Larry’s guitar method books on the Free Music page.

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